2.Turn the switch off from the main box if the spa is 220v or unplug the cable if the spa is 110v.


— Please drain the spa.

3.Please move your car or boat if is on the way.


— Please let us know if there is anything on the way that can not be removed and you are concern it may get damaged so we can be extra careful with it, such as (plants, sprinklers, your lawn etc,)

— Please remove anything that can be on the way (garbage containers, patio furniture, dog house, shed, etc.)

5.Please stay out of the way when delivery or removal of the spa, we’ll love to have your company but away from the spa in movement.
Insurance reasons : ) Our service also includes:

— We will disconnect the spa, secure the wires

— Remove and re install section of the fence

— Remove and re install the cover lifter * Assist you with crane service, helicopter service if required.