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That would depend on the following:

Yes! we provide that service as well.

Yes! we always have that final option, saw zall the spa down in pieces. Take it piece by piece out to our truck, then to the landfill.

Yes! we specialize in all types: indeck, inground, on second story deck, on the hill, you name it.

Absolutely! We will disconnect the spa (at no extra cost) cap off the wires and use wire cups along with electric tape. We will make sure the electric panel is off and secure! We are very carefull, and will go the extra mile to ensure safety.

Yes! we will remove the fence and put it back up when finished!

Depends on the schedule availability. You can contact us directly and set up an appointment for the best available date.

Our Services


Our relocation service ensures a seamless and stress-free moving experience for your spa within the Bay Area.


We provide secure and efficient transportation for your spa equipment, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition.


Our secure storage facilities ensure your spa equipment is kept safe and in top condition until needed.


Exceptional service! The team handled my spa with such care and professionalism. Highly recommend!
Outstanding job relocating my spa! The movers were efficient and respectful of my property. Very impressed with their service!
The storage facilities provided by Spa Movers Bay Area are top-notch. My spa equipment was kept safe and secure at all times. Highly recommended!

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