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How much notice do you require to set up an appointment?

As much notice as possible is always appreciated, and usually two days notice is required. Scheduling is dependent on your location and the type of job. Spring and Summer are busiest and the schedule fills up quick.


My spa is down in a deck, can you get it out? 

Yes! We specialized in all types of situations for in-deck, in-ground, second story decks, up hill, down hill… you name it!


If there is not enough clearance to get the hot tub out, do I need a crane?

Not necessarily! We can usually take a fence down, and put it back up. Sometimes we can go through the fence to a neighbors yard and out their gate. We look at every possible option to keep the costs down, and to do the job 


What if the spa won’t fit through my gate? 

There is always a way! If the spa is being moved to another location then we would work with your local crane company to get the spa out (or in) safely. If the spa is a removal / disposal we can cut it up and take it out in sections. And yes, we always clean up the mess!


Can you move my spa to Lake Tahoe?

Yes ! We can take your spa anywhere within a days drive.   for info details


What do you mean by “access”? 

We need enough clearance to move the spa; consider the width and height of the spa. Most of the time we stand it on its side to move it. It has to clear the gas meter, eves or overhang on the roof, fences, gates, fireplace, A/C unit, trees, etc.

How much does it cost to move a spa?

The cost is primarily dependent on the following:….Dimensions, age and brand of the spa / hot tub,Time of travel and estimated time to complete the job, What the access is like at the pick-up and drop-off locations. for details..

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